By Angela Pinkstaff for our “99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy” blog series

When it comes to the company I keep, like most people, I try to surround myself with friends who have far more talent than I do. Observing how they hone their work ethics, skill sets and perspectives is a constant source of inspiration and happiness to me. And, knowing that they possess experience and insight I might not, I love bringing a tough problem to our conversations to get their take on it. seek the advice of a friend

I’m willing to bet you have similar friends with wide and varied expertise; what better talent pool is there to create your own personal Board of Advisors? Consider sharing the questions that come up at your next staff meeting with them to get their feedback. Perhaps you’ve been trying to create a new promotion or loyalty program to grow customer retention; seek the advice of a friend from a different industry who might have a fresh outlook. Want to differentiate your front-end offering from your competitors but not sure where to start? Poll your network of friends for what they’re looking for in a unique local drugstore experience.

There’s another great reason to look at your inner circle for insights: as friends, they’re already invested in your success. Why not let them contribute to it as well?


Angela Pinkstaff

Angela leads the business development team in their efforts to build relationships with manufacturer clients across the health, beauty and wellness categories. In addition, she develops and implements strategic partnerships with clients to create growth and revenue in the retail and wholesale channels.

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