By Megan Moyer for our “99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy” blog series

You want to provide a memorable shopping experience for your customers and make it easy for them to shop your store. In addition to your store layout, department adjacencies, product assortment and inventory levels, what else can you do to make sure shopping your front-end is hassle-free? Shopping baskets!

It may sound simple, but having a quantity of shopping baskets strategically placed around your store can not only improve your customers’ shopping experience, it can increase your sales. Think about how you shop at any given store. On the occasions I go into one of my favorite stores and don’t grab a cart, I inevitably limit what I purchase by what I can carry. Don’t limit your customers to purchasing only what they can carry, make sure you have baskets available in several spots in your baskets

Having some shopping baskets right next to the door is a good idea, as is near the pharmacy counter, and by your frequently shopped categories, or those with larger items. You can even put your sale flyer in the baskets so as customers shop they are aware of the bargains you are offering that week. Include coupons, a store map highlighting departments with new items, or notifications of upcoming in-store events.

Investing in shopping baskets can truly impact your front-end sales. If you don’t already have them, what are you waiting for?


Megan is a key contributor to HRG’s public relations efforts and corporate communications as well as client marketing and research needs. Her diverse areas of concentration include direct marketing, collateral, and content marketing.

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