By Courtney T.  for our “99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy” blog series

Can you guess what two words many employees dread hearing? If you guessed, “you’re fired,” sorry that’s incorrect. Correct answer: training seminar. For many, training seminars are synonymous with long, boring presentations full of information that goes in one ear and out of the other. And then there’s lunch. Yet, attending a training seminar can be incredibly useful if you apply the tips below.seminar

Tip 1: Choose the right seminar

Before you register or agree to attend, make sure you’re clear on the seminar’s topic. Choose a seminar that fits your needs and offers new information so you can gain knowledge. Maybe you want to brush up on merchandising tips, pricing strategies, or the latest shopper trends. The course outline should provide enough detail to know if you will achieve what you are looking to learn.

Tip 2: Review the materials before attending

Thoroughly review the course materials or previous work(s) of the presenter. This will help you better absorb the information and understand certain nuances about the speaker. At the least, do an Internet search on the author/speaker and review the materials they have available (for free).

Tip 3: Come on time (maybe even a little bit earlier)

To get the most information possible, come on time. Coming even 5 minutes earlier could help you choose the seat you like so you can better enjoy the seminar. It also gives you time to network with others who may become great resources.

Tip 4: Record seminar materials

Research shows people who attend seminars lost around 50 percent of the information right after the seminar ends and another 30 percent the following day if they don’t record the material. Check with the event organizer to see if a CD or DVD will be available after the session. Also, note important points by writing them down during the seminar.

Tip 5: Ask questions

If there are materials or portions of the seminar you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask questions of the speaker during the question and answer portion of the seminar. Be clear and polite so you get the answers you need. And don’t forget to record the answers!

In applying these tips, you have the ability to increase your knowledge and skills, and in doing so become an even greater asset to your store.


Using the process and procedure guides in place, Courtney uses intelligent transcription to enter and proof information related to product attributes, back of package information, marketing language and packaging changes. Courtney is responsible for ensuring our image library is complete and accurate by visiting stores to review packaging. Courtney also assists with reaching out to manufacturers to procure product samples, both for our core processes and on behalf of our clients. For the processes that she is responsible for, Courtney proactively maintains documentation and implements process improvements.

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