by Tom Boyer for our “99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy” blog series

As a business owner, it’s important you know your operation inside and out. That includes viewing your store through the eyes of your customers. Considering your customers’ perspective of your pharmacy can give you insights that can be helpful to improving their overall shopping experience.

You can start by asking yourself, “Would I shop this store?” Then ask your staff to shop the aisles and get their feedback. Here are a couple of things to check as you “shop” the aisles of your pharmacy.

Line of sight
Enter your store through the front door and pay attention to what you see as you enter. Does your pharmacy have an open feel? Are the fixtures a consistent height for a good view across the store? Are signs visible to help direct your customer to the department they are looking for? Having an open, well-signed store sets the stage for a more efficient and positive store

Your customers should be able to move freely through the aisles and around the store. Are your aisles wide enough to accommodate two people across, or walkers and wheelchairs? Make sure there is ample room for customers to shop comfortably, especially if they use a mobility aid.

Accessible merchandise
Merchandise should be accessible to customers. Use the proper fixtures so shoppers can easily reach and take an item off the shelf. Keep shelves, products, and gondolas clean and dust-free. Make use of shelf-talkers and displays to help customers find the products that will meet their needs.

Meeting all of these recommendations helps to provide an exceptional customer experience. If you need an objective viewpoint, check out our 360° Store Assessments.


Tom BoyerAs Director of National Accounts, Tom manages the business relationships of Hamacher’s wholesale distributor clients. In addition, he works with industry partners such as POS vendors, data solutions providers, independent pharmacies, and retail chains, as well as directing new product development opportunities geared to pharmaceutical distribution. He is also an owner of the company and guest lecturer at pharmacy schools.

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