By Jenny Kosek for 99 Ways to Make a Positive Difference in Your Pharmacy blog series

You’re likely already diligent about keeping your staff up to date on the daily “how-tos” of your pharmacy. But sometimes, the limitations of time and resources mean that knowledge is passed through businesses in a trickle-down manner, which can result in miscommunication and hazy expectations for staff. Proactively approaching staff training can prevent this inefficient knowledge-sharing from affecting your staff’s performance.

training sessionI once worked for an expanding retail chain that was concerned about providing consistent customer experiences across multiple locations. Following a lightning-fast merger with a competitor, the trickle-down approach to staff alignment had been the default modus operandi; but soon enough, customers were reporting uneven experiences at different locations and managers and staff were questioning “the right way” to operate under the chain’s new structure. This presented an exciting opportunity to gather all staff, new and veteran, full- and part-time, in one room for a training session covering basic policies and core expectations. For senior staff, it was a solid reinforcement of their understanding of protocol; for junior staff, it was an opportunity to fill in operational blind-spots in a supportive atmosphere. At the end, all members of our team returned to their work more confident and self-assured, and better equipped to provide total customer service to our patrons.

Your store’s unique needs and situation will differ from the retailer I worked for, but the positive impact of formal staff training in any business is assured. Following a well-executed training session, staff performance and customer experience will improve. Whether your team needs a comprehensive review on your pharmacy’s procedures, or a focused session on a specific topic such as learning a new POS system, don’t delay in organizing the professional support your team needs to be their best.

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