Your brand only has 3-6 seconds to grab a shopper's attention at shelf — Does your package design pop?

Your package is the product, and 85% of products fail every year. Your packaging should demand attention and go beyond the basics of conveying product features and benefits. We consider these items and more when creating winning package design that engages retail buyers and attracts consumers: 

Package Design that Motivates the Retail Buyer


• Shelf space is at a premium
• Understand average shelf height
• Consider dual front panels for vertical or horizontal placement


• Differentiation is key
• Don’t come across as a “me-too”
• Choose colors that align with the category


• Graphics must stand out
• Icons should aid clarity not cause confusion
• Quickly connect with retailer’s customer base


• The message must be clear
• Value proposition must be strong
• Your brand purpose and values must be evident

Package Design that Creates Shopper Interest 


• Avoid overly elaborate packaging
• Innovative shape can be a game changer
• Consider the good value vs. bad value perception


• Unique colors can work for or against a brand
• Consumers are drawn to certain colors in certain categories
• Color strategy needs to make sense across lines or line extensions


• Tell your brand story with the right images
• Use instructive, purposeful graphics
• Icons and certifications are a must


  • Demonstrate your brand’s personality
  • Be truthful, yet enticing
  • Succinctly explain features and benefits

Meet with our team of retail experts to assist in creating a package that will stand out among its competitors and influence purchase. We can start by assessing your current packaging or begin by creating a new design. 

HRG's Package Assessment Process

  • Learn about your goals
  • Understand your brand story
  • Outline retail channels
  • Identify competitors
  • Review the retail shelves in each channel
  • Assess package type
  • Review message, color palette, fonts, and use of space
  • Provide comprehensive review and suggestions

HRG's Package Design Process

  • Listen and ask questions
  • Understand your brand story
  • Identify and review competitors at shelf
  • Draft a creative brief
  • Develop a name, logo, tagline, and color palette if needed
  • Provide 3 package design concepts with messaging
  • Refine 1 concept through collaborative process
  • Apply chosen concept to your product line

Thousands of new and existing products come through our office each year to be evaluated for their shelf worthiness. We understand what works with consumers and retail buyers alike. See our package design page for more details, or, if you're ready to get started, fill out the form below. Don't let your product be a casualty of lackluster design!

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