Engage retail buyers and attract consumers with package design that pops

Brand manufacturers need packaging that stands out in order to win the hearts (and dollars) of consumers. Your package has three to six seconds to capture shopper attention at-shelf and even less time online. Plus, it needs to impress the retail buyer before it even gets placement.

In today’s sea of stiff competition, packaging must communicate more than features and benefits. What is your brand’s purpose, what is the story behind the founder, and why is your product different?

Some brands outsource their product makeover to a freelancer or general graphic designer, or they use an in-house resource that has a myopic viewpoint of the retail supply chain. However, great package design is more than eye-catching graphics that win graphic design awards.

There is a psychology to the use of color and shapes on retail packaging and a science to storytelling that sticks. You need a compelling message that is communicated through both the words and design and that meets the shopper where they are. The hierarchy of your design needs to flow smoothly. Plus, understanding your competitor’s packaging is another piece of the puzzle. Do you know how your product will look at shelf among the others?

A staggering 85% of new products fail every year. Don’t be one of them — start out strong by partnering with us — experts in the retail supply chain — on your next package design project. Our team of creative copywriters, visionary designers, and retail veterans can:

  • Create a killer logo or develop messaging that resonates for new brands
  • Develop a name for your brand or product
  • Design custom product packaging for new-to-market items or lines
  • Redesign an existing SKU or entire product family
  • Offer minor revisions to keep package content compliant
  • Assess existing design and messaging, and provide actionable feedback

Contact our business development team to discuss your next package design project or other branding needs.