Turning Heads

March 20, 2014By Industry Intuition, Views

by Dave Wendland for Drug Store News

March 20, 2014 – Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of NBC’s "The Voice." It’s not because of the variety of talent that graces the stage and tries to wow the judges and the general public, but rather because of the blind auditions. For those unfamiliar with this popular television reality show, singers have a 90-second audition to make an impression on the panel of celebrity judges.

Attracting shoppers and gaining their loyalty is not dissimilar. One big difference – retailers are given a fraction of a 90-second audition. Impressions are formed quickly. Even if chairs do turn in favor of "The Voice" contestants and they discover themselves on the journey toward a recording contract, they must continue to progress and impress the voting audience. Your shoppers also want to be constantly wowed, and you must evolve to ensure that they remain loyal to your business.

Here are four lessons I believe translate nicely from "The Voice" to consumer healthcare at retail:

1.    You need great talent. During the competition, the singers definitely need well-honed talent. The same goes for your business – hire and train the best possible talent. Employees that are dedicated to upholding your customer service levels will make your store stand out and encourage customer loyalty. It will not go unnoticed.
2.    It’s about the message. For singers on "The Voice," song and genre selection can make or break the performance. Same can be said about brands at retail – what are you communicating, and is it in the right genre?
3.    Differentiation matters. For the reality show, the judges seek talented individuals who are unique. They want someone who stands out from the crowd. Does your brand stand out? Is it differentiated enough to gain shopper votes over your competitors?
4.    Seek professional advice. The performers on the show are teamed with well-versed mentors to receive coaching, guidance, and sage advice. Who do you have on the team for your brand? Are you surrounding yourself with objective experts who can provide the sound advice necessary to build more success?

For any retailer – and for any consumer brand – each new encounter with a customer is another chance to get their chair to turn. Ensuring that you have passionate employees, consistent marketing messages, noticeable differentiators, and trusted advisors, can lead to lasting connections and the strengthening of brand loyalty. How are you turning heads toward your brand?

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