Sharpen your message and impact your audience

You need to convince retail buyers, consumers, and influencers that your brand is the one they want. Your marketing message needs to be executed consistently, in a voice that resonates.

Some brands present the exact same message to every audience in that quest for consistency. The trouble lies in what stimulates the consumer to action may not impress the retail buyer or influencer, such as a healthcare professional.

What if you could strategically partner with a team that understands various audiences in the retail supply chain and can tailor messaging to them while keeping your brand’s voice, look, and feel? We work with brands as an extension to their team to copywrite and design the following types of marketing collateral:

  • Tailored buyer presentations that help you make an effective pitch to retailers and distributors
  • Impactful POP materials such as shelf signs and counter or floor displays
  • Informative sell sheets and customer brochures that tell your brand story
  • Succinct B2B print and digital ads for trade and professional publications
  • Powerful direct mail to influence the influencers

We have helped brand manufacturers, retailers, and distributors design and refine their marketing materials across multiple channels.

Engage our seasoned communicators to sharpen your message and easily cut through the clutter. Let’s talk about customizing your marketing materials for the right outlets to motivate your target audiences.