Nail the pitch with a rock solid presentation for the retail buyer

The meeting is on your calendar; it’s your chance to sell wholesale or retail buyers on your products. You need a presentation that is concise, targeted, logical, and easy-to-understand that tells the buyer a compelling story about why they should bring your brand on board.

Some brand manufacturers just slap together a disjointed PowerPoint® presentation without a convincing story, or they recycle the same presentation across retailers or retail channels, tailoring nothing to their intended audience.

Buyers see a lot of pitches and they know when a company has dotted their “i"s” and crossed their “t’s” or is just blowing smoke. An effective buyer presentation needs a strong, persuasive storyteller to craft a message with facts and data that demonstrates how the brand can truly bring value to the wholesaler or retailer and their shoppers. It must resonate not only during the meeting itself but also stand alone as a visually-pleasing leave-behind piece that may be shared with others in the organization.

An effective presentation should include:

  • Category trends
  • Market opportunity
  • Product differentiation
  • Planogram vignettes and recommendations
  • Consumer marketing plan
  • Competitive analysis
  • Competitive pricing information

Don’t leave money on the table, let our team collaborate with you on crafting a strategic presentation that demonstrates why your brand should be stocked.

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