Minimize risk and maximize potential with the right information

You have goals for your business, but to meet them you need the right information to inform your decisions. You need market research if you are a:

Brand manufacturer who would like to understand consumer perception, shopping habits, and needs; how your product stands up against the competition; what the influencers want; how you should price your product; or where the expansion opportunities are — all in an effort to build your brand and “wow” category buyers.

Retailer who wants to know who your shoppers are, what assortment appeals to your current customers, and how to attract new customers to drive sales.

Wholesale distributor who needs to grasp your customer segments, category performance and subcategory growth drivers, and program gaps to grow your business.

Obtaining meaningful data is important. However, analyzing and properly applying that data is even more critical.  

Some companies do their own “market research” by asking a handful of employees or friends for their feedback on a product, concept, or program. Others outsource research work to overseas companies who provide them with a spreadsheet of raw data that’s unrefined, unanalyzed, and ultimately unhelpful because it’s just a compilation of information.

There is both a science and an art to collecting and analyzing useful information, and HRG works with well-respected research partners in niche industries to ensure we get the answers you need to make reliable decisions, even collecting data ourselves when appropriate. Our nearly 40 years entrenched in the retail supply chain means we bring insights that can ultimately help:

Manufacturers: Craft your brand message, design your package, set your MSRP, convince the retail buyer to add your product, or meet your other goals.

Retailers: Understand your shopper demographics, their preferences, and unaddressed needs in your community that your store could fill to extend your reach and sales.

Distributors: Gather information to build store profiles or use existing store profiles to determine what else you might offer to help your customers grow their business, and thus, yours.

Whether you work with us for your consumer or B2B market research needs, we provide the analysis that makes it meaningful and actionable.

We also offer custom education sessions to inform your teams of trends and retail industry opportunities.

There are many data providers, but we provide analytical intelligence seen through the eyes of our nearly 40 years in the retail industry. Contact us to learn more about our market research experience and custom education offering.