Resolution: Front-face and feather dust

January 26, 2018By Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Independent Pharmacy, Resolutions for Independent Pharmacies

By Lisa Lopez, Data Assets Manager,  for the Resolutions for Independent Pharmacies blog series

As retailers strive to provide new and innovative ways to improve the customer experience, one key element remains the same and that is, offering a clean and organized place to shop. A simple task that ensures your store will look its best is front facing. Front facing is as easy as it sounds. It consists of pulling your products to the front of the display, rack, peg, or shelf.

Front facing makes finding products easier, whereas products pushed towards the back can create holes and could make customers believe an item is out of stock. It is also imperative that the actual front of the product is visible and not upside down or backwards. You don’t want to create work for customers as they attempt to figure out what exactly the product is. 

Store employees can front face throughout the day, either during down time, designated periods before or after close, or while helping customers. Even during a trip to the restroom, a quick peek down the aisles could make a difference.  To effectively front face, while in the aisle, take a step back and make sure things are even across the entire gondola, and that they correctly coincide with your shelf tags or signage. That wider overall view can help you see missed holes or identify items that may be in the wrong area.

To really keep your shelves clean and organized, items should be reviewed and removed if necessary once a month. Resets serve as the perfect time each month to check for expired or soon-to-be expired products and move your newer items toward the back, while bringing older ones toward the front. This also serves as a great time to review signage.

Once all your products are pushed and pulled into their proper places, it’s time to break out the feather duster to clean the products themselves. Dusty products or shelf tags have the potential to look dated, which could drive customers out of the aisle, and possibly your store. Dusting across and around products, shelves, and tags are a quick way to spruce up your store. Think of it as housekeeping. Get your store ready for company by making sure your displays, shelves, and racks are clean and inviting.