Resolution: Catch my staff doing something right

March 28, 2017By Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Independent Pharmacy, Resolutions for Independent Pharmacies

By Colleen Volheim, category research and analysis manager, for the Resolutions for Independent Pharmacies blog series

In our everyday activities, we are often so busy that we tend to focus on what may not have gone as planned and how we will do things differently the next time. What can be much more productive, however, is to take note of what’s going right, especially if you are managing people.

When you catch your staff doing something well and you take the time to acknowledge them, it creates a much better work environment and makes employees feel valued. Your store associates will appreciate their efforts being acknowledged and that you are taking notice. By approaching the management of your staff this way, you’re focusing on the positive, and that attitude will translate as they assist your customers.Catch your staff doing something right

This technique of catching your associates doing something right is based on a child development tactic, and it not only translates to your workplace, but can be applied in schools, and inside and outside of the home. The outcomes are typically greater dedication, higher satisfaction levels, and increased self-worth.

How might you apply this in your pharmacy? Here’s a hypothetical example. Your front-end manager has been with your store for 10 years and you don’t know what you’d do without her. One day she rearranges the area around the checkout at the front of the store. You don’t even realize it until you overhear a regular customer comment on how nice it looks. There’s your opportunity to compliment your front-end manager and tell her you appreciate her creativity and initiative.

Knowing how busy you are, that’s probably a realistic example and there’s nothing wrong with this approach. What would be even better, however, is if you had noticed it before the customer, and responded with the same appreciation. That’s a goal to work toward.

Try to incorporate this technique on a weekly basis. When you think about it, there are likely a number of opportunities every day, so it won’t be hard to find the right occasion.