Make shoppers’ online experience as close as possible to being in store

September 1, 2017By Behind the Shelf Blog, From the desk of, Future of Retail, Importance of image quality

From the desk of Julie Massey, visual assets manager

When it comes to beauty products – specifically cosmetics and nail care – there’s a different standard for effectively photographing them so the online experience comes as close as possible to the in-store. Because cosmetics are applied to prominent and delicate features, it’s important for most users to have a very good indication of the color they are purchasing, and in many cases, the applicator.

We are very particular in our specs for imaging cosmetics to make sure we provide highly-accurate and enticing visuals. We always include swatches, especially when there are dual or quad compacts; we show each color as a swatch to give shoppers an accurate representation of what’s included. We also use swatches for nail colors.

Our standard protocol is to take close-up shots of applicator tips so it is clear how the makeup can be applied. Care is also taken to show all of the packaging, including mirrors or unique features that may make the product special.Online product experience match in store

In a similar vein, we have detailed specifications for capturing fragrances. Fragrance bottles and packaging is often extravagant. There’s an art to photographing glass and metallic containers to minimize reflection and unwanted shadows. That applies to cosmetics and fragrances as well as many other types of products, however, fragrance bottles can be especially intricate and usually very unique. We make sure the beauty of the bottle and package design is portrayed so the image is as dynamic and captivating as the product is in person.

Another consideration in the class of beauty products are kits such as travel, nail, and more. We arrange the contents in an appealing and attractive way, making sure to show all that’s included. The items in kits are often varying sizes and shapes, and may even be different colors, so it requires an artist’s eye to display everything to ensure the image is visually pleasing. (This is true of the OTC and test kits we photograph as well.)

Our expertise in using the best methods to get the most accurate and appealing photograph allows us to be efficient and cost effective. If you have a product you think will be a challenge to photograph, contact us and we’ll help you showcase your brand so your shoppers’ digital experience exceeds expectations.