Independent pharmacies are a great channel for specialty skin care

December 27, 2017By Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Independent Pharmacy

By Julie Bonnell, vice president, operations

It is generally thought that the best retail outlet for skin care is mass; however, don’t overlook independent drug when launching new items that are therapeutic in nature. Due to the consultative heritage of independent drug, these products do very well in this channel.

Of the 583 new skin care items reviewed by HRG in 2017, 30% (178) showed unit movement through September 2017. Fourteen percent of the 178 are categorized as therapeutic or acne related. Listed below are the top 10 therapeutic or acne-related skin care items based on HRG Rank1.

UPC Product description
18629500022 Mederma AG hand and body lotion 6oz
07214002179 Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray 3.7oz
34533439033 Vanicream Z-bar 3.36oz
83997700648 Clearasil Ultra Overnight Spot Patches 18ea
07214002090 Eucerin Daily Hydration Moisturizer & Sunscreen Hand Cream SPF 30 2.7oz
65006600170 Goicoechea Calming Touch Body Lotion 13.5oz
31074201803 Hada Labo Facial Mask Anti-Aging .7oz  4 count
30259601416 Aqualieve Gentle Soap-free Cleanser  Unscented 16oz
65006600172 Goicoechea Skin Firming Lotion 13.5oz
30259600216 Aqualieve Everyday Lotion 16oz

The therapeutic heritage of a brand can also influence consumer perception, even when the product is not specifically therapeutic. Within the top 10 overall skin care items based on HRG Rank1 listed below, notice the number of SKUs from Mederma AG, the successful rebranding of Alpha Glycolic, a popular skin care line.

UPC Product description
18629500023 Mederma AG Facial Cleanser 6oz
18629500020 Mederma AG Face Cream 2oz
18629500024 Mederma AG Toner 6oz
18629500022 Mederma AG Hand and Body Lotion 6oz
18629500025 Mederma AG Advanced Dry Skin Body Cleanser 8oz
07418244571 Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Crisp Clean 11.25oz
73362034016 Gloves in a Bottle Lotion 3.4oz
01111119294 Dove Nourishing Body Wash Winter Care 22oz
07418244576 Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Lavender & Chamomile 11.25oz
07418244798 Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Crisp Cucumber & Melon 11.25oz

Setting strategies for 2018 marketing? Independent pharmacy consistently performs well within categories that require a little extra consulting or those containing products that are treatment-oriented. If this sounds like a good match for your portfolio, don’t forget this trusted drugstore channel.

1 HRG Rank is a proprietary blend of unit movement and dollar sales