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Retailer-specific, easy-to-implement merchandising and carefully planned, competitive pricing are part of the foundation for drug store front-end success. Knowing which products will be successful at shelf and what price will both satisfy shoppers and generate optimal margins is a matter of both art and science. For manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers, we offer exceptional planogram and retail pricing solutions for multiple channels and segments. If you’re looking for our program created specifically for the independent pharmacy marketplace, read more about TEMPS® here.

Profit-generating planograms start with thorough analysis

Our team of category research and pricing analysts write the rules for optimal drug store assortment planning and merchandising for the drug wholesale sector. Created for immediate at-shelf execution, our planograms strategically apply SKU optimization techniques to suit individual store sizes. We also produce planograms for retailers in other channels such as home improvement, convenience, and special format stores.

Similarly, pricing recommendations start with an assessment of your brand value, goals, competition, and more – described in more detail on the pricing analysis page.

HBW CPG manufacturers can utilize our expertise to have a custom planogram developed for use in retail buyer presentations to best illustrate their case for being added to the assortment; retailers and merchandisers save time and resources by relying on our programs that are tailored to their unique needs; and drug wholesalers have trusted us to create the planograms for their independent pharmacies for decades.

Whether you need to better understand our planogram process, know you need a custom planogram or pricing strategy, or have a new item you’d like our analysts to review, contact us to discuss your category management needs.

HRG’s Category and New Item Review Schedule