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May 19, 2017By Brand Marketing, Views


By Dave Wendland for Drug Store News

April 14, 2017

If you are a parent, we likely have many things in common. As my kids were growing up, I would always tuck a little note inside their lunchbox with an inspirational or encouraging thought for the day. In fact, there were times that I did something a bit more elaborate — affectionately deemed “paper art” — enclosing three-dimensional or interactive paper pieces.

My daughter recently presented me with a book containing some of her favorite lunch notes from years gone by. What a tremendous honor to have her appreciate these small gestures so much that she had saved them all these years. And, despite the oftentimes she had said these trinkets were ridiculed at the lunch table by her friends – deep down, she sincerely appreciated the encouraging and loving notions.

So, this got me thinking. How often do any of us take time to sincerely share a “lunch box note” with a coworker or teammate?  Not only might this put a smile on the recipient’s face — definitely worth seeing — it also may enhance the working relationship.

If lunch box notes are intended to be uplifting, encouraging, and inspirational, imagine what they could do for your office or retail setting. Although I’m not necessarily advocating for daily messages to be shared, I am, however, suggesting an occasional handwritten and heartfelt congratulatory note, a couple words of encouragement if a coworker faces a particularly difficult task, or perhaps a joke or picture that will help them smile, if only for a moment.

One final thought – I believe that you deserve lunchbox notes too. So, my final idea is equally simple and low-tech. Jot yourself a little note and place it in your pocket, wallet, or post it on your computer screen. Maybe, just maybe, you will notice it at just the right time to feel appreciated, inspired, and special.