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Do you know how to reach independent retailers with your brand message? HRG's retail experts do. With extensive outreach options and a vetted contact list, you'll have a variety of ways to stay in front of these influencers.

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"HRG is our go-to partner when we want to reach independent pharmacies. We have advertised in IN.depth for several years because we believe it is an effective publication. We’ve also worked with HRG on direct mail and eBlasts to get our message in front of independent pharmacies several times, several ways. We have confidence in the HRG team and enjoy working with them."


Lynn McGeough - Customer Sales Manager

Maximize your outreach with any or all of the following options:


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Direct Mail


Direct mailers dedicated to your brand(s) can be as creative as you can imagine with your messaging to convince stores to stock and recommend your items.

- Micro-target by geography, demographics, regional preferences, proximity to healthcare professionals, and more

- Distribute samples, coupons, or shelf signs; promote special offers

Electronic Mail (eBlasts)

Get your message out quickly if you have a time-sensitive topic, or use this dynamic media as part of a campaign.

- Measure your ROI

- Unlimited links and ability to track engagement

IN.depth Publications

This established publication reaches carefully-selected independent pharmacies each month. Get your brand and samples in the hands of these important healthcare providers. Learn about the two types of issues we offer in the Media Kit.

2023 IN.depth Media Kit  


Happy Customers

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Peggy Smith - Senior Strategic Accounts Manager Bausch & Lomb
"Advertising in the IN.depth publication is an important part of our product launch campaign and helped us reach (and maintain) our brand recognition goals within the independent pharmacy channel.”
Bradley Nicholson Sunsoil
"HRG helped us reach a new channel of business: independent pharmacies. Because of their expertise, the message in our direct mailer was better tailored to the pharmacist and they helped us develop an enticing call to action. We’ve received a great response so far!"