Move from Concept through CommercializationTM with our proprietary methodology

Launching a new product, introducing a line extension, or expanding into new markets should never be a game of chance. In today’s competitive retail environment, streamlining the product development process is critical.

  • Early stage brands need to follow a logical launch strategy completing all of the necessary pre-work to properly develop their product so it ignites consumer and retail buyer interest and action
  • Existing brands need to grow sales strategically and effectively, aligning product positioning and executing targeted channel strategies
  • Expanding brands need to broaden their portfolio or venture into new markets thoughtfully and successfully to target true gaps in the market

Some brand manufacturers just go full speed ahead without following a thoughtful and comprehensive product development methodology, leading to missed steps, costly rework, and even failure.

What if you could strategically partner with a team that has developed a proven course for brands in any stage of the product life cycle? Concept through Commercialization is our product development methodology that drives the IMAGINE process which includes paths tailored for early, existing, or expanding brands.

Your journey begins after completing a Collaborative Strategy Session to benchmark your brand’s current status and position, as well as your goals for growth. Next, we help identify, create, advise, and execute steps in a streamlined and efficient approach to pave the way to success.

It’s worth a conversation to see if we can assist you in meeting your product growth goals. Contact us to schedule a no-pressure introductory meeting.

Still wondering if Concept through Commercialization can benefit you and your brand? If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, contact us today!

  • Have sales flattened out? Need innovative approaches to resume growth?
  • Unsure how to make a successful new brand launch into the retail market?
  • Looking to add a new flavor, form, style, or color to boost sales?
  • Want to explore the potential for your brand outside of the United States?
  • Having difficulty gaining and maintaining traction in the channel(s) you are in?
  • Trying to enter new-to-you channels to drive growth?

Or are

  • there gaps in your go-to-market strategy and you could use assistance filling them?
  • you looking to acquire another brand to expand your portfolio?
  • there other uses for your product beyond the category it is currently assigned and you’re unsure of how to be considered for other categories?