Accurate information for better decisions

You want data details that can inform product growth strategies, cross-merchandising opportunities, assortment decisions, and campaigns and promotions.

In today’s world of channel blur and intense retail competition, it’s necessary to make decisions with a mix of objective facts and industry intuition.

While it may be tempting to fall back on internal information sources and opinions about the next steps to take to further your bottom line, the truth of the opportunities and challenges that exist are only revealed through extensive data mining to get to the reality of options available.

Tap into our objective retail expertise, married with our reliable internal and external data sources for better decision-making. Our database of HBW CPG products is one of our greatest assets and is the source of solutions for our various supply chain clients. Data attributes are the details -- all of those pieces of information tied to a product such as associated search keywords, its Fine Line code (taxonomy), package images, item weight, retail selling unit barcodes, features and benefits, ingredients, and much more. Our approach? Collect it, verify it, organize it, and make it accessible. And we don’t provide just the data, we provide analysis as well. We’ll take your business rules and create and apply a data structure to meet your needs.

Retailers, wholesalers, and POS system providers typically use a portion of or our entire ImageBase library, which can be customized to specific needs. Or we can build or modify our data to meet your system requirements.

Our data can also be used in unique ways. For instance, a partner used product dimensions to help plan space while building a new warehouse to ensure there would be enough storage for their expanded product offering. Other partners rely on our data codification process to group products by certain attributes and assign identifiers. We’ve also built fixture databases for a client that was manufacturing pieces for a cosmetics department redesign to streamline the process from packing to in-store implementation.

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