Set the stage for maximum impact at trade events

At trade events, you need to stand out from the crowd and showcase your brand in a consistent and meaningful way. Retailers, distributors, and influencers are assessing your brand’s ability to fit within their product assortments or meet their needs.

Today’s trade shows are like the opening night of a play, where your brand is in the spotlight, and you have to be ready with a compelling story told through the visuals in your booth, including the right backdrop — your trade show display — and props — your marketing collateral. A vibrant display with informative supporting sales tools will compel attendees to stop to learn more and leave with a positive review.

Don’t settle for a humdrum experience on the show floor — hire the right “set” designers to best showcase your brand. We are entrenched in the retail supply chain, and we’ve gone to a multitude of events in various segments of the retail industry for nearly 40 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to setting your booth up for success.

You need a cohesive and dynamic presence, a solid strategy, and information available to back why your brand is the one your target audience wants. We will help you craft your rationale, weave the story across pieces, and pull it all together by effectively placing your branding front and center.

Make the most of your trade show investment – contact us to make your booth shine!