Trade Event Project Samples

  Recovery Skin Relief Trade Event Display Graphics   Aqua Maris Trade Event Display Graphics and Placards Volo Vitamins Trade Event Display Graphics and Placards  

Pharmacy Communications Project Samples

    MarketHub 8-page mailer Zantac Tri-fold with Coupon Easel        Hydralyte Tri-fold with Sample   GoGargle Bi-fold with Sample FC2 Roll-fold with Shelf Dangler   Tylenol Roll-fold with Shelf Talker Colgate Bi-fold  Florajen Postcard Follow-up    Nutramax – Cosamin Verde Large Bi-fold, Cover Letter, Envelope

Packaging Project Samples

    Abby Christopher Package Logo Design and Branding Guidelines   Plant Pure Package Design, Messaging, and Custom Photography Recovery Skin Relief Re-branding, Package Design, and Messaging   Aubio Package Review and Recommendations and Messaging

Advertisement Project Samples

  Okamoto Print Advertisement — Industry Publication   Family Flora Online Advertisements Volo Print Advertisement — Industry Publication