Trade Event Project Samples

    Recovery Skin Relief Trade Event Display Graphics   Volo Vitamins Trade Event Display Graphics and Placards

Pharmacy Communications Project Samples

    MarketHub 8-page mailer Zantac Tri-fold with Coupon Easel        Hydralyte Tri-fold with Sample   GoGargle Bi-fold with Sample FC2 Roll-fold with Shelf Dangler   Tylenol Roll-fold with Shelf Talker Colgate Bi-fold  Florajen Postcard Follow-up    Nutramax – Cosamin Verde Large Bi-fold, Cover Letter, Envelope

Packaging Project Samples

    Abby Christopher Package Logo Design and Branding Guidelines   Plant Pure Package Design, Messaging, and Custom Photography Recovery Skin Relief Re-branding, Package Design, and Messaging   Aubio Package Review and Recommendations and Messaging

Advertisement Project Samples

  Okamoto Print Advertisement — Industry Publication   Family Flora Online Advertisements Volo Print Advertisement — Industry Publication