Random acts of kindness: Full circle moment

August 18, 2017By Acts of Kindness, Behind the Shelf Blog, Random Acts of Kindness blog series

By Nelson Rodriguez, merchandising analyst, for our Random Acts of Kindness blog series

This was my second year participating in the Random Acts of Kindness Challenge, and I wanted to approach it a little differently than in 2015. That year, I had a good experience helping several people out on a trip I made to pick up dinner and do a few errands. I also gave some money to kids that were at a sports memorabilia show where I was exhibiting, and I wanted to replicate that experience this year, but reach more kids than I was able to last year. I decided to focus my giving to kids who are fellow collectors.

I looked for an opportunity when I was at a retailer that sells sports cards. I saw a couple of kids asking the adult they were with if they could buy certain collectibles. I gave the clerk/owner money to put towards the child’s purchase and then told them that the store owner had something for them. They approached the owner to find out that he had cash they could use toward the item they Baseball equipmentwanted. They were very grateful and it was satisfying to see their excitement. Nowadays, it can be hard to find inexpensive collectibles, so I was happy to help them afford something they really wanted.

Just like last year, I wanted to help kids at a show where I was selling some pieces from my collection. I tried to keep my eyes and ears open to find young collectors that needed help affording what they wanted. If I had something they wanted, I gave it to them, and I found a few boys I could help.

I enjoy seeing the kids’ faces when I am able to surprise them in this way. It’s a full circle moment for me, because I had a generous collector help me get started when I was young. I’m happy to have the opportunity to pay it forward and help others who participate in the same hobby I have enjoyed for most of my life.