Newfangled Collaboration

February 8, 2017By Future of Retail, Views


By Dave Wendland for Drug Store News

January 9, 2017

As you know, the Drug Store News editorial staff has allowed me to imagine a bit in these posts and offer ideas that haven’t been thought of yet. In this post I decided to think of unlikely partners that could bring value to consumers’ health and wellness through unique, collaborative efforts.

Remember, I’m not saying that any of the ideas offered as part of this series will definitely work, but I am saying that I have not yet seen them put into practice. Perhaps you’ll try one of these in your operation. The only favor I ask in return is to let me know the results.

From my vantage point, health and wellness doesn’t just include medicines and taking care of one’s body. Rather, it extends to the surroundings in which people work and live and their overall environment. Here are a couple of examples to demonstrate this big idea.

What if the local paint store had a partnership with the retail pharmacy and the two businesses worked together to create a series of paint palettes to help nurture overall well-being. Colors to help invoke calmness could be a palette, and others could be assembled for invigoration, warmth, and more. In turn, the pharmacy could offer special “kits” of products that correlate with these emotional needs (e.g., aromatherapy, bath salts, and eye masks for calming; exercise aids, health monitors, and electrolyte drinks for invigoration).

Here’s another idea. How about an alliance between the local community pharmacy and the hardware/building supply store? I’m sure you can think of countless instances where an individual is discharged from a hospital and requires temporary home modifications. There are also longer-term situations where an elderly adult or someone else with mobility, cognitive, or other limitations may be moving into a loved one’s house. How will the wheelchair ramp be built? How will the cupboard lock? What about safety lighting, etc.? These are all things that the building supply retailer already stocks and should have expertise in. Imagine the two retailers creating a comprehensive checklist of sorts based on need state.

Of course, the list of these types of collaborations is endless. Here’s wishing you productive, cooperative efforts in your community.