Natural Products Expo West 2019 – What I am looking forward to

February 28, 2019By Behind the Shelf Blog, Industry Intuition

By Julie Bonnell, vice president operations

One of my greatest passions (besides spending time with my generous husband and rambunctious cats) is understanding consumer engagement with products. When I was in college, one of my undergraduate professors would boldly proclaim during design critiques, “The package is the product.” I whole heartedly espouse this assertion. As a result, I am constantly studying what the triggers are for the consumer and how packaging satisfies (or doesn’t) the mission of communicating value and purpose to the shopper.

In a few short days, I’ll be heading out to Anaheim for Natural Products Expo West. While I am a trade show veteran, this will be my first time attending this particular show. I’ve heard from my HRG associates that I should be prepared for a lot of walking, introductions to some great brands, and exposure to the latest trends in the natural market. Being able to spend these days immersed in this lively environment is an incredible opportunity for firsthand learning about those consumer triggers and where natural products are going with their packaging.Natural Products Expo West

In addition, attending Expo West will provide me the opportunity to envision what ways HRG could expand our value proposition for our current libraries for image attributes, logos, certifications, and  alternate taxonomies — all with an eye on how to improve the consumer experience in the digital shopping domain.   

It’s my belief that when digital assets are properly managed, the consumer is focused on product decisions not on navigating technology. It is my goal to see that our offerings help achieve that goal.

I’ll be walking the floor with my colleague Steve Choate, another Expo West first-timer. We’ll be meeting with brands, trying new foods, and exploring fresh opportunities. I’ll see you there!