Invitation not required

September 17, 2015By Industry Intuition, Views

By Dave Wendland for Drug Store News

August 17, 2015

“Eighty percent of success is showing up,” according to Woody Allen. So what does Mr. Allen know about consumer healthcare at retail? Evidently, he knows a great deal.

Examining recent and upcoming industry trade events, I would say this may be one of the best in recent years. Attendance is up, booth space is selling out, and conference programs are delightfully enriching. Attendance at the Consumer Healthcare Products Association meetings have exceeded expectations, most of the drug wholesalers are celebrating increases in attendance, NACDS TSE sold out its more than 700 exhibitor spaces, and the major chains have surpassed their participation goals.

And the wonderful thing about most of these events is you need not wait for an invitation.

If you are a member in good standing with the sponsoring association, participate with the retailer or wholesaler as a valued trading partner, or have an innovative new product to share with an event’s attendees, then you have little reason not to be part of the industry event. Current and prospective customers will be looking for you.

There are plenty of benefits to attending; some to take advantage of are:

  • Expansion of your horizons: venture beyond your four walls and gain knowledge through exhibits, education, and networking
  • Identification of trends: learn what may be around the next corner and how it could apply to your business
  • Revitalization: jump start your creativity with new relationships, knowledge, and outlook

If you’re wondering how more than half the year has vanished and you still haven’t reached all of your prospects and customers yet, don’t wait for an invitation. Get yourself to the next industry trade event — chances are the ones you are looking for will already be there. Remember 80% of your success depends on it.