HRG’s Director of Marketing Presents to Students at Carroll University

April 16, 2024By News

April 16, 2024 – Angela Nicloy, director of marketing for HRG, recently conducted a session, “Marketing in the Real World,” to undergraduate students as part of Adjunct Professor Dan Freschi’s Introduction to Business course, at the Sullivan School of Business at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Nicloy touched on the importance of knowing your audience and building in trackable mechanisms to understand responses; offered career advice, advocating getting “paid for your brain rather than your task list;” and warned against getting trapped in “that’s how we’ve always done it” thinking.

Students commented:

“An insight that I will use in the future is that marketing yourself is the most important part of landing aAngela Nicloy successful job or successful venture in the future. To be more specific when she stated that people care more about who you are than what you do, although your credentials are also important, so I will take that into any interview or opportunity that I have in the future and just be completely myself”

“I quite liked today’s speaker. She put a whole new spin on what I thought marketing was. It’s one thing to hear about it from someone, and another thing to hear about it from that someone. The one thing that stuck with me was the whole concept of making sure you are valuable…make your work valuable. It was an inspirational speech in that regard, and I liked her presentation.”  

Nicloy has been with HRG since January 2020. As director of marketing, she manages a team of six associates with responsibilities that include, graphic design, project management, content creation, and strategic marketing for both the company and clients. She led the refresh of the HRG brand, shepherded new offerings to bring additional options for clients to get their message to their target market, and has been integral in creating processes to strengthen client relationships.