There’s always something new to learn

The consumer healthcare market is constantly changing, evolving, and growing — just like your business. That’s why we offer educational opportunities in the areas of operational efficiency, shopper satisfaction, sales productivity, and more for a variety of audiences. From workshops at our office to space planning software training for manufacturers, and retail staff training to go-to-market strategy development, we can customize educational opportunities for every link of the consumer healthcare supply chain.

Hands-on inspiration

Prior to your workshop, we’ll work closely with you to discuss your goals and expectations and create a unique experience that will maximize your time and resources. During your workshop, be prepared to be involved — no lectures here! Your insights and experience will be stretched and grown through interactive activities, lively conversation, creative exercises, and thought-provoking question and answer sessions. Our experience conducting independent pharmacy workshops as well as Collaborative Strategy Sessions for manufacturers and others involved in consumer healthcare at retail positions us to create the kind of interactive educational experience you are looking for.

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