Focus on “Better For” Pet Items

October 4, 2022By Pet, Views

by Dave Wendland, vice president strategic relations, as seen on the IndiePet website.

The importance of maintaining personal health has most definitely translated to the pet space, and owners are looking for brands to provide quality products with transparent claims and clean ingredients. Have you considered what wellness means to your shoppers?

I like this definition from the McKinley Health Center, University of Illinois:

“Wellness is a state of optimal well-being that is oriented toward maximizing an individual’s potential.”Cat with owner doing yoga

Products that aim to improve a pet’s health range from better-for-them food to probiotics, CBD, healthy aging oils and supplement chews, to name a few. Brands have responded by introducing a plethora of items that will provide improved options for the discerning shopper. And it appears the demand for quality options has led many brands to create products that are proven to make a difference in a pet’s long-term health.

Retail pet stores — especially independents — can capitalize on this movement (it’s a movement — not a trend). Independents have the advantage in positioning themselves as wellness centers for pet owners. Already known for your friendly knowledge and passion for pets, as a community-based retailer, you can further differentiate yourself from chain stores because you have a personal relationship already established with pet owners. You also have more flexibility in developing destinations within your store that can include a cross-merchandised section of a variety of categories that offer a total health, wellness, and care solutions for pets.

Providing pet parents with healthy product options on the shelves is the first step. Extending this to include services and expertise is the second. How could you put a spotlight on brands, categories, and services focused on wellness for pets?