Custom Cosmetics Planograms

November 2, 2018By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing, Focus on Fixtures, From the desk of


From the desk of Colleen Volheim, category research and analysis manager, for the Focus on Fixtures blog series

A large facet of the fixture coordination services we offer is fixture planograms, however, we also can offer support even earlier in the reset process by providing retailers or cosmetics brands with custom cosmetic planograms. Many brands and retailers perform their seasonal resets at the same time, creating a potential bottleneck for space planning departments. And smaller brands may not have access to the resources to develop their own planograms, yet the retailers are asking them to do so.

custom cosmetic planogramWith a deep background of providing services that improve the customer shopping experience, we’re skilled at developing planograms that build off purchase decision trees and at the same time optimize the space available. We create planograms that ensure graphics are strategically placed, and can collaborate to develop a color philosophy so shades are organized in a visually appealing way.

Because we manage databases with product information that includes dimensions, and databases with the fixture information from past department sets and resets, if a retailer we’ve been working with asks us to create a cosmetic planogram, we can do so using the dimensions of the various trays and pieces to determine fit and quantity.

With retailers having varying specifications and assortments for their beauty departments, we can create as many planograms as needed for however many outlets brands are carried in. We’re also practiced at working directly with the plastics manufacturers that are producing the pieces that are needed, to streamline the overall process. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today!