Monthly Retailer Category Tips — Vitamins & Dietary Supplements 2019

April 12, 2019By Assortment Planning and Placement, Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Monthly Retailer Category Tips, Resources focused on Independent Pharmacy

Take the time to update this high-profit-margin category

by Kyle Lentz, category analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

The estimated profit margin for the Vitamins & Dietary Supplements category is 38.5%-45.6%. Make the most of this top-performing category and its high margins by following the tips below.

  • Nationally, the gummy trend within the Vitamins & Dietary Supplements category continues to grow at double-digit rates. According to Pfizer, makers of the Centrum® line of vitamins, Vitamins and Dietary Supplements50+ consumers are purchasing 48% of adult multivitamin gummies. Look for gummies targeted toward a more mature audience in your 2019 planogram offering.
  • According to Nielsen, the melatonin segment in drug is worth $139 million and has a 52 week growth rate of 18%. Advances in forms and strengths within the melatonin segment are keeping the outlook positive for continued growth in 2019. Check your current stock of melatonin, and add strengths and forms you don’t have to take advantage of this trend and give your customers a robust selection.
  • Because of the importance of Private Label in this category, we have created a three-foot, stand-alone, Private Label planogram as an offering in our TEMPS® Category Manager program for 2019. If you receive TEMPS, pay close attention to your planogram adds and deletes listings because several items have been moved from your Vitamins & Dietary Supplements planogram to this new version.