Branded together

September 10, 2014By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

By Dave Wendland

Can a brand have a personality? Yes! A corporation, a product, even an individual has an opportunity to be “branded.”

My definition – not dissimilar from others far more learned than me – is simple. Brand identity is what people say about you or your product after you’ve left the room.

So, what are they saying about your brand? If you’re not sure, ask. And if the answers you get don’t match what you desire, than start reinventing yourself … and do it NOW!

To begin, consider listing the key attributes you want your brand to be known for. These traits should be evocative. Answer questions such as: What do you expect people interacting with your brand to believe? How do you want them to feel? What would you like them to do once they know about your brand?Brand

Here are some examples of brand attributes to get you started: friendly, approachable, reliable, creative, innovative, honest, valuable, wise, trustworthy, credible, sensitive, aggressive, etc.

That should give you the idea.

Whenever I think about branding two examples come immediately to mind.

First, there’s Harley Davidson. Could you imagine creating a brand so beloved that it compels your customers to permanently ink it onto their bodies?

Don’t think it can happen with a personal brand? How many “Mom” tattoos have you seen? Enough said.

Jump onto the brand wagon and create something memorable today.

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