Gaining a foothold in a new retail channel

December 7, 2015By Behind the Shelf Blog, Industry Intuition

by Steve Choate When was the last time you started a home improvement project without first understanding the needed enhancements or looking at instructions/directions on how to complete the repair? Being a stereotypical male, I usually do not read instructions before tackling a project. This often results in the wrong approach and additional trips to the store. … Read More

Become a trusted resource

November 19, 2015By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Cari Sass How much do you dread those annoying sales calls? The ones where you can’t even get a word in to explain that you’re not interested or that what they are selling does not meet your need?  As the end of the year approaches, these types of calls seem to ramp up. When … Read More

Understanding the pricing landscape

November 12, 2015By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

  by Sean Grudzinski, HRG Product Research & Analysis Manager Before a company enters a new industry, decides to launch a new product, or tries to determine the best address for a new store location, they invest in understanding the existing landscape. It’s easy to see opportunity and potential by taking an objective view of … Read More

I did not know that!

October 2, 2015By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Dave Wendland Johnny Carson would often say, “I did not know that,” when confronted with some unusual information or when he felt at a loss for words. This, however, is not an excuse any CPG product manager or respectful sales director should ever get away with. Yet I hear it quite often during meetings … Read More

Standing out in seconds

September 25, 2015By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Dave Wendland Three to six seconds. That’s the time a typical consumer takes at shelf to locate a product. This inexplicably short amount of time poses a serious conundrum for both the retailer and the manufacturer. Why? Because the consumer is controlling the outcome. That said I believe there are four critical package elements … Read More

Don’t stand still

August 20, 2015By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Dave Wendland Victor Kiam, former business executive best known for his purchase of Remington Products, once said “In business, the competition will bite you if you keep running. If you stand still, they will swallow you.” Most branded manufacturers are well aware of their competitors – and healthy competition makes companies better. Consumers are … Read More

New package? New planogram

August 20, 2015By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Julie Bonnell They say a picture is worth a thousand words…And a planogram is worth far more in sharing a vision of increased opportunity in a category. When should you consider a planogram? New product introductions are obvious but also consider using planograms when making packaging changes. Seeing how your new packaging concept will … Read More

The best ad I’ve seen all week – and why!

August 13, 2015By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Jen Johnston Recently I was browsing the Independent Choice® circular of one of our local natural food stores, Good Harvest Market. Good Harvest Market is a member of the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association, which makes the Independent Choice circular possible. Besides the grocery listings and encouragement to celebrate “hemp history week” (yep, that’s … Read More