The pace of market changes

March 9, 2017By Behind the Shelf Blog, Future of Retail

by Dave Wendland

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs led the efforts for Apple® to launch the first iPhone® and the promise of this newfangled technology was not known. Today, with few exceptions, the reach of smartphones – led by the iPhone – is nearly ubiquitous. What do you think is emerging quickly on the healthcare front that may forever change the shape of its future? Allow me to share a few I’ve been watching.

One fast-evolving reality stems from technology. Attending the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) one of HRG’s owners and technology managers commented that the face of the event was vastly different than the prior year’s event. Many of the exhibitors were displaying their connection to health and wellness whereas prior years largely focused on media, communications, and transportation.

Another emerging trend within healthcare is the shift from traditional clinician-led treatment to consumer-driven care. In other words, consumers have become better equipped, more knowledgeable, and far more comfortable caring for their own health needs and remaining in healthier long-term choicescharge of their care. This shift is definitely reshaping the conversation.

One final area I’ll mention that appears to be taking a prominent place within the healthcare realm is a focus on chronic condition prevention. For years and years the industry spoke only of treatment and “living with the effects” of such conditions. Recognizing the potential risks associated with certain unhealthy activities (e.g., smoking) or augmenting one’s lifestyle with healthier long-term choices (e.g., exercise and smarter eating habits) has become more prevalent among Americans and I believe this will only continue to accelerate.

Indicators of healthcare evolution suggest that the frequency of market changes is not only accelerating, but it is also becoming more evident each day.