Sell a product or build a brand

July 17, 2015By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Jen Johnston

There are manufacturers out there in the world who solely want to sell product. You might be thinking, well yeah, that is the point of being in business, right? True, but your business will not be sustainable if you have more interest in selling a product than building a brand. You need a rock solid brand in order to go from “just a product” to a household name.

But I don’t want to offend any manufacturers I know by calling them out, so I will just describe a few of the differences between the two manufacturer mindsets in this handy reference chart.

Build a brand











Please be more than a product…BE A BRAND. A brand is more than your product logo, more than your product name. It’s those things plus personality, a compelling story for all audiences, and the ability to connect with them.

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