Skin Care is the number one beauty category in the independent channel

by Kelly Zygowskijunior category analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Follow these recommendations and add new products to attract shoppers to your Skin Care department.

  • Therapeutic items are top skin care performers in the Independent class of trade, and several manufacturers have launched new products to capitalize on this trend. Pharmaceutical Specialties has extended their popular Vanicream™ line into the body wash segment; Sanofi has expanded the Gold Bond® offering to include an overnight lotion and a cream to fill and protect cracked skin; and Lacorium Health has introduced their popular Flexitol® brand to Skin Care with a cream for very dry, cracked, and itchy skin. Including new items in your Skin Care department keeps it fresh, attracts new customers, and increases your sales and profits.
  • Skin Care is the number one beauty category in dollar sales in Independent drug. Use signage to call out each segment and help direct your customers to their desired products. Implement new item signs to attract attention; many consumers will spend time at the shelf browsing for new and innovative solutions for healthy skin.
  • Dermatologists and pharmacists are trusted sources for skin care recommendations. When filling prescriptions, review side effects of medications, such as dry or itchy skin, and make recommendations to help address them, thereby gaining your customers’ trust, as well as growing your sales.