Pain Relief is positioned for ongoing growth

by Kelly Zygowski, junior category analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Pain Relief is consistently a top five category in the independent pharmacy channel. Keep up with the latest launches and update your product mix to ensure you are meeting all of your customers’ needs.

  • Almost everyone experiences some sort of pain, and there is no seasonality to the category. Consumers shop the category all year long, and once they enter it, they are more than likely in it for the rest of their lives. Those experiencing occasional pain to chronic sufferers shop the category for immediate needs, as well as to replenish their medicine cabinets. Carry a variety of solutions, including Private Label, which is an important player in internal pain relievers and contributes 37% of subcategory sales. Staying well stocked will also help satisfy your customers’ needs.
  • Pain Relief is a perplexing category to shop, and the choices are overwhelming. Help alleviate confusion with signs clearly marking the different segments. Use easily identifiable national brands to begin each segment, and use signage to call out private label savings. Be sure to check expiration dates, and place new stock toward the back.
  • Pain Relief is positioned for ongoing growth, driven by premium products and innovation. There were several product launches over the past year that capitalize on this trend. Johnson & Johnson launched Tylenol® Children’s Pain and Fever Relief Rapid Dissolve packets, the first flavored powder pain reliever for children. Avadim expanded their offering in the fast growing Theraworx® brand and now have gloves and knee sleeves that work in conjunction with their new Theraworx Pain Relief Foam to combat joint pain. Hygenic Corp. launched Biofreeze Pain Relief Patch to build on brand equity and capture additional sales with a new form.