HRG Announces Maas Added to Owners Group

March 19, 2024By News

Waukesha, Wisconsin – March 19, 2024– HRG has announced that they have added Beth Maas, SPHR, director human resources for HRG, to the owners group, effective January 1, 2024. Maas has been with HRG since 2006. She joins Sean Grudzinski, product research and analysis manager, Steve Brester, director information technology, Julie Bonnell, vice president operations, Dave Wendland, vice president strategic relations, and Dawn Vogelsang, president and majority owner.Beth Maas, SPHR

Vogelsang stated, “Beth has been with the company nearly 19 years and has been part of senior staff for 7 years. As director of HR, she promotes an environment where she and other members of the leadership team are accessible and approachable, associates are encouraged to share their opinions, and we have fun. Having Beth as a member of the owners team helps make sure we keep our strong culture front and center in our planning and decision-making.”

Maas said, “I am excited to become a part owner of HRG because I am passionate about the environment we have built. We have a team with a common goal of making HRG the best it can be. We have deep retail expertise and a strong, positive reputation in the industry for good reason. I look forward to supporting our growth through employee development and fostering our award-winning culture.”