Paske Joins HRG to Expand Focus on Pet, Hardware, and Beauty Retail Segments

April 21, 2022By News, Pet

Waukesha, Wisconsin – April 21, 2022 – Corey Paske has joined HRG as business development manager, to focus on bringing HRG’s resources, such as category management, space planning, visual merchandising, retail strategy, creative services, and asset management, to the pet, hardware, and beauty segments of the retail industry.

HRG has applied their expertise with manufacturers in the pet, hardware, and beauty space already and is investing time and resources to learn how they can bring even more value to other suppliers as well as distributors and retailers. Angela Pinkstaff, director of business development, said, “We’re looking forward to diving further into these areas of retail, getting involved in the associations and shows, and learning how our talented team can help improve results for organizations.”

Pinkstaff continued, “Corey has over 20 years of experience in retail at the store management level which is incredibly valuable as he works with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. His knowledge of store operations, shopper behavior, promotional techniques, and more is going to make him a great resource for clients and our internal teams as well. He is looking forward to putting that expertise to work for our clients.”

Paske stated, “With over 40 years in the retail industry, HRG is perfectly positioned to offer pet, hardware, and beauty manufacturers assistance in multiple areas that can either alleviate resource constraints or provide support in their retail strategies anywhere from concept to commercialization. Many of those services can also apply to retailers, and our experience in fixture management definitely translates to them, too. I’m excited to learn more so we can help fuel growth.”