HRG’s Lopez Earns GS1 Standards Advanced Certificate

April 6, 2023By News
Lisa Lopez
Lisa Lopez, Data Assets Manager at HRG

Waukesha, Wisconsin — April 6, 2023 — Lisa Lopez, digital assets manager at HRG, has earned the GS1 Standards Advanced Certificate from GS1 US. Lopez completed the GS1 US University training covering the comprehensive concepts relating to the GS1 System of Standards and how to apply them. This includes how globally unique, unambiguous identification is enabled, application of data carriers that encompass GS1 ID keys, gaining a holistic understanding of the GS1 System of Standards with emerging standards and technology like GS1 Digital Link, and how to discern GS1’s primary share standards.

HRG’s digital assets team is responsible for the company’s product content and image services, gets heavily involved in data normalization projects, and often takes the lead for client’s standards and attributing needs. Lopez stated, “Earning this certificate solidifies HRG’s adherence to GS1’s principles and practices and confirms that our data harmonization methodologies reliably meet this highly-regarded retail industry standard. It also empowers HRG to better guide our customers on the importance and significance of data harmonization, including the best practices for minimizing the consequences of erroneous data.” Lopez continued, “We’re well practiced in promptly pinpointing a multitude of issues that create “dirty” data throughout the supply chain process, and this additional knowledge further strengthens HRG’s position in leading our customers toward better outcomes, including speed to market and protecting brand integrity.”

Lopez completed three hours of self-paced e-learning modules on various GS1 Standards-related topics. Additionally, she took 12 hours of live instructor-led sessions over the course of three days. Those courses covered:

  • principles and benefits of globally unique identification for products and locations;
  • application of GS1 identification keys, including GTIN, GLN, SSCC, and other primary keys;
  • emerging standards and technology, including GS1 Digital Link;
  • barcode quality and verification; and
  • sharing of data via EPICS, GDSN, and EDI.

GS1 provides a common digital language to seamlessly communicate trusted data across the supply chain and GS1 standards are the most widely used system of standards in the world. The company offers a portfolio of services and tools for easier adoption.