HRG’s Facebook Group, Independent Pharmacy – Profit in the Front-End, Reaches Milestone 801 Members

March 2, 2022By News

March 2, 2022 – HRG’s Facebook group for U.S.-based independent pharmacists, Independent Pharmacy – Profit in the Front-End, reached a milestone, on the last day of February, accepting the 800th and 801st members.HRG Facebook Group page for independent pharmacists

The group, started in February of 2019, was created to share information with, and have a direct way to receive feedback from, independent pharmacists. Content is driven by HRG category research analysts spanning everything from industry issues to merchandising tips.

Colleen Volheim, category research and analysis manager at HRG, said, “The number of members in this group has exceeded our expectations. We’re thrilled to have this way to directly interact with indie pharmacists, and provide information, ideas, and tips that help them make their front-of-store more profitable.”