Differentiate From Your Grocery Competitors by Offering Unique Products in Your Assortment

September 19, 2022By Views

By Megan Moyer, corporate marketing manager, as seen on National Grocers Association website

Finding a niche in your community is a good way to build a competitive advantage. If you and your competitors carry many of the same brands and items, bringing in products that are unique to your store can be a strong differentiator. Start by reviewing your product assortment to see where there is opportunity to provide something that will help you stand apart.

Consider not only your competitors, but also your customers and community. Competitors are likely some combination of big-box retailers, dollar, chain grocery stores and possibly convenience stores and small specialty shops. While you may not be able to accommodate the variety or broad assortment within departments some of them carry, you can offer items they don’t or won’t stock.

The easiest way to increase your sales is to get your current customers to spend more money in your store. Think about what your customers gravitate toward. Are there opportunities to add products to your assortment that are complementary (maybe a local coffee brand near your bakery department)? Do the brands your customers favor have products in other categories or new products that you haven’t added yet? Spotlight these new additions so your customers notice them as soon as they hit the shelf.shelves at a grocery store

Thinking about the businesses in your community, are there any that you could build business from if you stock items that fill their customers’ needs? Are there assisted living residences in the area? Are there any particular items for residents with special dietary needs that you can stock? What about nutritionists in your area — are there particular brands or products they recommend to their clients that you could carry?

In addition, consider adding locally produced food and beverage items. Not only will you aid another small business, but your competitors don’t always have the flexibility to deviate from corporate-dictated product assortments, so it could be a path to differentiation for your store.

When you put some thought to it, you will likely come up with several possible ways to differentiate by the products you put on your shelves. Work with your distributor to make sure you have the items that meet your customers’ needs as well as increase your sales.

Ask your employees and customers for suggestions, too. You might be surprised at how many opportunities you identify!