Creating customer engagement opportunities

January 23, 2023By Inside Beauty Articles, Views

by Megan Moyer, corporate marketing manager, as appeared in Inside Beauty for Drug Store News

Customer engagement is a necessity, especially in the beauty segment where the number of companies vying for consumers’ dollars is incredibly high. Creating memorable experiences and meaningful interactions keeps a brand not only top of mind, but can also build loyalty and create brandvocates.

CosPro Marketing is a go-to resource when brands and retailers are looking to strengthen customer connection. With an array of services designed to support marketing efforts of both retailers and brands, the company has deep and broad experience in creating memorable interactions that leave lasting impressions on shoppers.Revlon gift with purchase

In one program developed to help CVS engage their beauty customers post-pandemic, CosPro surveyed shoppers to find that 70% want interaction with an associate. On average, transaction amounts increase 81% after positive interaction with an associate and in-store coupons have a higher redemption rate — up to 25% related to programs. With this in mind, a special program featuring a variety of beauty brands was created, “Get the Look Book.” It included step-by-step tutorials and how-tos, product suggestions, as well as QR codes leading to digital bonus content. The books also included coupons for use in-store by the beauty sales consultants to encourage sales after sharing the looks with their customers.

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Wellness Sample Box

CosPro Marketing works with chain drug stores, grocers, beauty retailers, and brands of all sizes. While the company works with a number of well-established brands, Tracie Gilbert, vice president of sales and marketing at CosPro, stated, “Our programs can be a great aid to up-and-coming brands who are trying to find a path to retail or establish their niche with a retailer.”

It isn’t just beauty brands that CosPro works with. As the belief — among industry stakeholders and consumers alike — that health and wellness is a more holistic concept that encompasses what you put in and on your body has taken off, CosPro has developed wellness programs that have included OTC, personal care, and vitamin and supplements brands.

Working with CosPro offers retailers the opportunity to execute key initiatives without increasing their own workload or budget. Benefits to retailers include operational advantages such as labor savings from outsourcing the coordination of brands’ participation, design and development of associated materials, and actual fulfillment of the program. More importantly, they can expect higher customer engagement, satisfaction, and even loyalty from programs executed by experts. Brands enjoy similar execution and customer advantages as well as the opportunity to perform retailer-specific events that may otherwise be difficult to customize individually. Brands also benefit from budget savings and increased ROI when they participate in a promotion that includes multiple brands who share costs.

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Get the Look Book

CosPro Marketing offers many other services including associate training, creative and design services, and targeted marketing programs with elements such as direct marketing and sampling. They offer a variety of ways to custom-enhance mass produced brand samples such as postcard attachment, pocket sample holders and more, with event-curated messaging and retailer-specific coupons. Additionally, they excel at developing gift-with-purchase and sample/subscription boxes which include offers that consistently rank high in customer satisfaction. Gilbert spoke highly of their creative team, “Our design team is one of our greatest assets. They develop materials that are innovative, targeted, and balance the needs of the brands and retailers.”

The company has a focus on sustainability, using recycled paper for printing and recycling excess cardboard and paper. They also have a community focus, supporting local vendors as much as possible and give back by participating in community events, including fundraising efforts for programs such as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, by coordinating employee event participation and matching employee donations by 50%.

Finding ways to continually connect with consumers and customers should be an ongoing initiative for any company looking for longevity. Seek opportunities to make a lasting impression and win the loyalty of your target market.