BWX goes beyond being different to make a positive impact

November 23, 2021By Inside Beauty Articles, Views

By Megan Moyer, corporate marketing manager, as appeared in Inside Beauty for Drug Store News

To succeed in the beauty industry, brands must have clearly established differentiators to stand out, which may take multiple forms, from unique product offerings to a special way of building and growing a community of advocates and influencers. Some beauty brands stand out based on the assortment of marketing tools utilized and/or the manner they are used, while others stand apart based on their demonstrated environmental and social responsibility initiatives.

BWX is a company that has a vision that goes beyond the individual experiences their products provide to trying to positively impact the environment and their community. Based in Australia, the U.K., and the United States, the beauty company focuses on natural products that are good for the user and the planet.Andalou-Serum

According to McKinsey & Company in the April 8, 2021 article, Feeling good: The future of the $1.5 trillion wellness market, “Consumers are keen for natural/clean products in an array of areas, such as skincare, cosmetics, multivitamins, subscription food services, and sleep enhancers.” In fact, the research that is the basis of the article indicates, “by 36% to 21%, consumers said they would choose the more natural option over the more effective one.”

Nigar Zeynalova, senior brand manager for Andalou Naturals and Sukin at BWX Limited, said she has seen the sales of their natural beauty products in skin care and nail categories accelerate in the last year. Andalou skin care line, and Mineral Fusion cosmetics and nail care, are both the number one brand in their respective categories in the natural channel, according to Zeynalova. Both brands are currently carried by Whole Foods, Sprouts, and on, in addition to being sold direct to Mineral Fusion consumers online, and will be added at mass retail outlets in the coming months.

When it comes to product innovation, BWX touts its Fruit Stem Cell Science being used in Andalou Naturals products. The patented liposomal technology is used to promote and protect the vitality and longevity of skin stem cells to enhance skin health. Mineral Fusion makeup is hypoallergenic, is free of harsh ingredients, artificial fragrances, phthalates, and parabens, and is cruelty free. The Mineral Fusion nail polish is vegan and free of carbon.

BWX prioritizes sustainability and social responsibility in addition to creating products that are anchored in efficacious natural ingredients. “We are working on improving our packaging sustainability and will be implementing some amazing initiatives within each of our brands by 2025,” stated Zeynalova. And when it comes to social responsibility, there are programs advocating women empowerment that each brand supports. Andalou has partnered with Vital Voices to sponsor their VV GROW Fellowship with the Andalouminary Scholarship. Mineral Fusion works with Dress for Success, the program that provides women with professional attire to secure employment.

To efficiently and effectively market brands and build loyalty, beauty companies have to take advantage of both in-store and digital marketing tools to make sure they reach shoppers where they are. Stella Huang, global digital marketing director at BWX Limited, relayed how the company has taken their virtual try-on capabilities on their website an extra step to include a QR Code on in-store displays at physical stores such as Whole Foods. Customers can “try” shades in-store, when they are ready to buy, similar to the online experience. “This technology and the use of it in-store became critical, especially during the pandemic when all of a sudden sampling products while shopping was not an option,” Huang said. She continued, “Using the QR Code also helps eliminate concerns aboutSukin shoppers having to use anything other than their own phone. At the same time, the store doesn’t have to allocate staff to administer.”

Other marketing tools BWX employs include loyalty programs; social media and email programs to announce new products and offer advice and tips; and focus groups to learn more about their customers and their preferences. The company has also had a dedicated effort to create an educational video for retail staff at Whole Foods as well as participate in Whole Foods beauty bags that customers were able to get in-store. Another strategy that has been successful is finding beauty and lifestyle box partnerships that BWX can participate in with their range of products.

At a time when self-care has been brought to the forefront for reasons like never before, being cognizant and careful of what is put in and on our bodies is top of mind for most consumers. Education and awareness through multiple means are necessary for beauty brands to make it clear not only how they are different, but also how they are making a difference.