Bonnell Named One of the Top Women in Health, Beauty, and Wellness

October 28, 2021By News

October 28, 2021 – HRG’s Julie Bonnell, vice president of operations, was named one of the Top Women in Health, Beauty, and Wellness by Drug Store News out of 120 applicants. Bonnell is recognized for Business Excellence. The publication selected women who work to make the industry better and more inclusive.

Julie Bonnell, vice president of operations
Julie Bonnell, vice president of operations

Bonnell has been immersed in the health, beauty, and wellness segment of the retail industry for over 30 years. She works directly with HRG’s data regularly so is very aware of the latest product innovations and trends and their impact within the drug channel. Her inquisitive nature leads her to look beyond the surface to understand the “why” of what the data shows as well as predict the potential impacts. She was the primary data analyst for the GMDC|Retail Tomorrow Selfcare Roadmap™ which entailed looking at large sets of data to find the stories of how consumers were engaging with HBW and GM categories for the infographic deliverables. She also is on a client team where she is responsible for reviewing large sets of retailer HBW, GM, and food & beverage data and applying rules to it to ensure consumers are receiving appropriate benefits. She is adept at leading data harmonization and normalization to reach a data environment that can provide meaningful insights to propel powerful outcomes.

In her role on the product development team, she can always be relied on to consider the customer as well as their end user when discussing enhancements or new offerings. When she attends industry trade events such as Natural Products Expo West or CBD Expo Midwest, she goes with the intent of learning from industry peers, hearing and seeing the latest innovations in the industry, and looking for ideas, products, or services that could impact HRG.

Bonnell is a member of the HRG owner group. The unique blend of her fine arts background and business acumen combines for special problem-solving expertise. She has the ability to envision the end solution while also grasping all the details needed to make it happen. This has been especially useful as the retail landscape has rapidly changed, as has data use cases.