Why I love marketing communications

August 13, 2013By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

Posted by Megan Moyer

I’ve been in the marketing communications field for over 20 years and it still is interesting, challenging, and exciting to me. For many years I was in corporate marketing departments at insurance software companies where I wrote and executed b2b marketing plans that covered all of the marketing channels. It was great learning ground. I also worked at an agency in the beginning of my career, and spent some time in merchandising (although I didn’t realize it at the time!) in retail stores.

Working for a national bookseller and overseeing their bargain department was my first introduction to planograms. Pretty simple to follow, and the display it dictated was appealing and well-organized. But I realized that strategically placing items on a shelf is only one step in shopper engagement. 

There are a number of marketing channels to utilize to try to inform, intrigue, and engage consumers. That’s what’s exciting to me about marketing communications. There are marketing communicationsmass channels and direct channels, and you have to know how your target market gathers information to decide which to use and what the message will be. Once you have propelled them to the store to seek out your product, it needs to be easy for them to find, the price has to be right, and your packaging has to seal the deal.

So many things to consider, so little time, and often, so little budget. In marketing, we are creative, and no matter what constraints there might be, we’ll always find a way to get it done.

Over the span of my career, I’ve seen the decline of print materials and promotions, and the upswing of social media marketing. Now everybody carries a marketing tool in their purse or pocket that can access price, product information, and more, for on-the-spot browsing and comparison shopping. This makes marketing much more far-reaching and direct, even personal, than ever before. What do you think is next?

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