Improve front-end profitability with BenchmarkTM Performance Analysis

With prescription margins continuing to decline, improving the profitability of health, beauty, and wellness products in your front-end is critical.

Implementing a merchandising and pricing program such as our TEMPS® Category Manager program, which is available through your wholesaler or direct from us, is a critical first step, but it isn’t the end.

You need to understand the health of your department productivity, private label purchases and new purchases, as well as identify non-achievers and under-achievers. However, it can be time-consuming to pour over POS reports to pinpoint which items are or aren’t meeting expectations for movement and dollar sales.

Rely on BenchmarkTM Performance Analysis reports for these insights in an easy-to-read layout. Benchmark is driven by our exclusive Never Outs® items, which are the top-selling items within a subcategory and should always be on a pharmacy’s shelves, regardless of department size. Published twice annually, the reports are a true benchmark for stores because they include comparisons to like stores with similar categories and total sales nationwide.

With a quick review of the results, busy store owners, front-end managers, or pharmacists will see high-performing items they aren’t stocking, under-performing products that aren’t selling as they should and potential reasons why, category productivity against historical performance, and more. With a clear summary of actions, Benchmark subscribers will be better positioned to meet customer demand and grow sales where margins matter the most.

Benchmark Performance Analysis could give you the edge you need. Contact us to learn more!

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