Build awareness in the $79.8 billion independent pharmacy channel

You need to grow sales for your health, beauty, or wellness product in the drug channel. Are you only thinking about chains?

Chain stores are important, but nearly 40% all U.S. pharmacies are independently owned. That is a big piece of the pie to miss out on! Is your brand message reaching them? Do they know about your item’s benefits? Are they recommending your products over your competitor’s?

Savvy brands know they can’t neglect independent pharmacies. At 20,000+ strong, these stores are the go-to destination for millions of consumers who seek product recommendations from their trusted neighborhood pharmacist. Each store makes its own buying decisions, so you need a cost-effective way to influence this disparate channel on a large scale with a message that resonates with them as both healthcare professionals and business owners. Unless you inform them about your brand, and consistently put your brand message in front of them, they might recommend your competitor.

Here’s some details about what you can do with our custom mailing programs:

  • Influence up to 20,000 stores
  • Micro-target by geography, demographics, regional preferences, proximity to healthcare professionals, and more
  • Distribute samples, coupons, or shelf signs
  • Promote special offers

Let’s build a mailing campaign that achieves your goal to raise awareness and drive orders that stays within your budget. Contact us today to get started.