Taking action – Seth Godin style

April 21, 2017By Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Independent Pharmacy

by Brittany Benson, manufacturer research specialist

I recently viewed Marie Forleo’s interview with Seth Godin on the topic Stop Waiting for the Right Moment. There were two pieces that really stood out to me that I wanted to share with you as they apply to your business. I’ve included the start and end time each discussion occurs in the video of the full interview, as I think you’ll gain even greater insight hearing it straight from Seth Godin.

Part 1: The Right Time is Now

Time: 17:43-21:34

Choose what you will do (and what you decide you can commit to). To do so, decide what you will be less good at so you can learn to be good at this new thing. He gives an example about Twitter. He determined that if he decided to learn Twitter, he would want to become really good at it. In order to commit to becoming really good, he would have to give up something else to accomplish that. He looked at the upsides and ultimately made the decision that he was not going to pursue Twitter…and hasn’t looked back since.

He posed a question that hits home for many of us: How will we use our finite resources to produce something we’re proud of? He referenced Zig Ziglar when he said to aim for being a meaningful specific, not a wandering generality. Be able to say to others, “I do this. You can count on me. That’s what you’re going to get from me.” He also warned about not getting stuck in the realm of analyzing and paralyzing yourself from making a decision. As Marie Forleo says, “Insight without action is worthless.”

I say, you just need to make the choice to move forward, even if you don’t know where the road ends. Once you get on, you will have the option to turn onto a different road or even create your own. There are plenty of people who get on the interstate and don’t end up taking action Seth Godin styledriving across the entire country because they felt they had to finish the road they started on. Why treat everyday decisions that way? Quit being so hard on yourself, and choose something to try next. Then, see how it goes. I bet it will lead you on a road of great discoveries!

Part 2: Deal with your Setbacks like a Grown-Up

Time: 22:02-24:33

Ever played a board game with someone who got really upset when they lost? Seth Godin uses an analogy of losing in a game of Monopoly with how we can choose to lose at life joyfully. I highly encourage you to watch this portion of the interview yourself (the 2.5 minutes are worth your time!). I’ll do my best to sum it up though.

Think of the world as one big game of Monopoly. There are literally billions of people playing the game, moving pieces, winning and losing. When you lose, it’s not personal, so don’t take it personally. Maybe you didn’t get the rolls you needed. Maybe you made a few strategy mistakes. It’s not about you. Don’t have a tantrum. Don’t beat yourself up. You can play again tomorrow. That’s having an adult mindset. If you’re 4 years old and reading this blog (yes, I know one who could read many of these words), then it’s still okay if you’re learning how to gracefully lose instead of throwing a tantrum…or the game board (good luck throwing the world’s game board).

Embrace the adult mindset and be better at playing the game. Be mindful, be present, and breathe. When life throws a curveball, look at it and say, “That’s interesting.”

Are you currently comfortable when failures and setbacks happen? Take the Monopoly mindset and apply it to your life.

Joyfully be better at the game.