Use our images to power presentations, promotions, e-commerce, ordering systems, and more

We live in a visual world where image is everything — especially online. Crisp, functional product shots and evocative beauty images inspire consumers to spend. Everyone in the retail supply chain needs high-quality, consistent 2D or multiple-perspective photos to protect brand integrity. You might need product images if you are a:  

  • Brand manufacturer who creates retail buyer presentations and marketing materials, sells product anywhere online, or promotes products through social media
  • Fixture manufacturer who needs to produce guides or booklets to ease ordering and implementation
  • Wholesaler who needs to make your ordering systems more user-friendly and streamline the ordering process for customers
  • Retailer who is hoping to bring consistency to your e-commerce platform or wishes to include product imagery in advertising flyers or signage
  • Technology company, media outlets, or other retail industry affiliate who needs photos to power an app, illustrate an article, or populate a web interface
  • In today’s world of smartphone cameras and Instagram filters, it can be tempting to capture product images yourself or rely on freelance photographers, but the trouble is what works for wedding photos or school portraits simply does not work for brand images. You need us — experts in the retail supply chain — to put products in the best light, literally.

Our visual artists meticulously capture and color-correct hundreds of product images in our top-of-the-line photo studio every week. HRG is your one-stop source for product photography including beauty shots and planogram images, plus out-of-package, in-use, and instructional photography. Ask us to share some examples, and check out our e-book to see for yourself what a difference high-quality images make.

With roots in retail consumer healthcare, we also maintain a vast library of current health, beauty, and wellness product images, containing thousands of products photographed in high resolution from every angle. Our robust attributes database also includes drug or supplement facts, warnings, usage information, and other attributes to provide a complete e-commerce solution.

Contact us to learn how we can provide product images that make an impact.